The Janitorial Agency Review – Service Franchise & Business Opportunity |

The Janitorial Agency is the latest addition to the service franchise business opportunity industry. Touted as a master franchise business in a recession proof industry can you truly find success with this type of opportunity today? Here is a simple experienced review.The Janitorial Agency is the latest opportunity and business venture for the entrepreneur looking for a recession proof business in the service industry. Service based businesses have usually held up good against most economies as those of us who have or were in the industry for some time. The cost of starting your franchise opportunity with JA is a liquid investment of $50,000 dollars in which some financing is available. Financing however can cost more over time and is only usually available to those with a truly high credit score for the most part.The company does offer a solid base of support to it’s franchisee entrepreneurs such as a comprehensive 2-4 week training program, sales and marketing support, customer relations program and an Internet based home page. Having a home page online is good, but without solid marketing skills this could be quiet hard to find for the local prospective client, so taking additional training courses on Internet marketing will, and should, be a must.Janitorial services have always been in demand no matter the economy, we all like to keep our homes and offices clean, but doing the work ourselves can be somewhat overwhelming at times. This is where these types of business opportunities are so popular with the savvy entrepreneur. Remember however, this is not an office job and will require some elbow grease at least at first while training your staff.The Janitorial Agency is a legitimate service franchise opportunity that some entrepreneurs should find success with. However, it is a fact that nearly 80% of all franchise business owners fail and in a short period of time. It is best to complete your due diligence before the investment of time and effort taking into consideration overhead, time invested and of course marketing and advertising in your local area.

Seven Tips For Getting In Contact With Influential People In The Music Industry |

People who possess valuable contacts tend to progress much more quickly in an industry that is people orientated such as the music industry. It is therefore not only imperative to acquire contacts but also to keep them over the course of one’s career.Below are seven sources of quality music business contacts:Tip 1: Record Shops: Independent Record Stores are one of the richest sources of information because they are a hub where everyone meets. DJ’s, Promoters and Labels Owners are just some of the music business professionals that hover around records stores.Visiting your local store regularly and making friends with the people who work there can be one of the best uses of your time. Recently I put this to the test again and found that the person behind the counter is a good friend of a major label executive!My advice is: “Visit record stores regularly”Tip 2: Music Business Courses: Apart from the knowledge that you will gain from attending a music business course; you will also be in the room with others who are in similar or better positions which allows for tremendous networking opportunities.A good goal for attending an event is to make at least one contact whom you can help and one contact that can help you! Break times and workshop times are great for this and other networking purposes.Always attend courses regularly; they are an excellent source of contacts.Tip 3: Music Studios: Record producers and engineers tend to meet good cross sections of industry professionals like Managers, Label Owners and Artists. With these types of individuals constantly passing in and out of their offices, they have developed a very large number of contacts.Such contacts could be open to you if you use their services, if they consider you a friend or if you meet them at an event!Tip 4: Industry Seminars: I am referring to events like Midem, SXSX, Great Escape, etc. These are a great source for international contacts that are very much needed in today’s global landscape.Although visits to such places can be quite expensive the benefits can (if properly nurtured) far outweigh the costs. Developing international contacts is essential to the success of any artist and just one good synchronization deal can more than cover the cost!Tip 5: Referrals – Asking Active People: The Bible says: “Ask and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.” You would be surprised at the number of people have who a need but neglect to ask for assistance!Referrals are one of the best contacts anyone could have. As a matter of fact, someone said just the other day that referrals are the most valuable contacts. The greater the number of referrals you have, the more contacts you will develop!Tip 6: Using Directories: As mundane and tedious as this may sound, generating contacts straight from an industry directory can still be most effective method. It is a more time-consuming process, but is a rich resource that should not be ignored.Tip 7: Industry Service Providers – Lawyers, Business Advisors, and Accountants, etc.: Finally, industry professionals are a key to unlocking tremendous numbers of contacts. A music business accountant is so familiar with how his clients are doing and what their needs are that if you can help him then he is willing to make the connection! The same can be said of Solicitors/Lawyers. Professional service providers are becoming involved in brokering deals now more than ever.The next time you visit an accountant or business advisor make sure that you leave their presence with a valuable contact.You should never ignore people whose good graces you may one day need.